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​ *SAP TechEd Developer Keynote*
– Developer Keynote Virtual Live:
– Developer Keynote Virtual Americas Replay:
– Developer Keynote Bangalore In-Person:

*ABAP Console Updates*
– ABAP Console Reloaded (blog post):
– The ABAP Story – ABAP Turns 40 (Video):
– ABAP Turns 40 (LinkedIn post):

*Migrating BPMs and Retry option in HTTP Receiver Adapter*
– Migrate your On-Premise SAP BPM applications to SAP Build Process Automation:
– SAP Integration Suite – Inbuilt Retry option for HTTP Receiver Adapter:
– What’s new in SAP BTP – Cloud Integration:

*SAP TechEd*
– SAP TechEd:
– SAP TechEd Bangalore (Event Site):
– SAP TechEd Virtual Content Tracks:


0:00 Intro
0:10 TechEd Developer Keynote
2:03 ABAP Console Updates
3:16 Migrating BPMs and Retry option in HTTP Receiver Adapter
4:18 SAP TechEd Last Chance   Read More SAP Developers 

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