🔴 Develop an LLM-Based Application with Graph in SAP Integration Suite

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​ Learn how the concise metadata of the new and unified Graph API makes it even quicker and easier can be utilized to develop Large Language Model (LLM) based applications. With Graph, developers access SAP-managed business data as a single semantically connected data graph using modern open standards like OData v4 and GraphQL. Get ready to revolutionize your SAP development journey!

Command Line LLM Application for Graph in Integration Suite (GitHub repo): https://github.com/SAP-samples/graph-example-apps/tree/main/devtoberfest23/llm-graph.

After the session, complete the following tutorial so you can earn points for the amazing Devtoberfest contest: https://developers.sap.com/tutorials/devtoberfest2023-week1-integration-sap-graph.html.

👉Check out other sessions part of the Devtoberfest 2023 🔴 integration track – https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/devtoberfest/eb-p/devtoberfest-events/label-name/integration.   Read More SAP Developers 

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