🔴 Integrate SAP API Management with 3rd party IDP for SAML/JWT/OAuth based Authentication

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​ The session combines topics across security and integration on the #SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). They are not isolated but connected. We talk about trusting a 3rd party IDP (with MS Azure AD as an example) on BTP and the ways to achieve different types of authentication with SAP #API Management for API-managed scenarios to increase the security level of APIs and protect the data from a backend system(s).

After the session, complete the following tutorial so you can earn points for the amazing Devtoberfest contest: https://developers.sap.com/tutorials/devtoberfest2023-week1-integration-sap-api-management.html.

‌👉‌ Check out other sessions part of the Devtoberfest 2023 ‌🔴‌ integration track – https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/devtoberfest/eb-p/devtoberfest-events/label-name/integration.   Read More SAP Developers 

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