Driving Tesla Cybertruck: Everything You Need to Know!

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​ Behind the wheel and every detail and spec of the new “Beast Mode” Cybertruck from Tesla!

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0:00 The Numbers/Specs
3:42 Differences vs the Original Cybertruck
4:30 Removable Aerocap Wheel
6:12 Pointy Stainless Steel/Build Quality
8:12 Powered truck Bed and Tonneau Cover
13:00 Doors with no handles
14:53 The Nose/Frunk
16:55 Ridge (Sponsor)
17:34 Interior Layout
22:16 The Back Seat Trick
23:54 Vehicle Controls + Steering Wheel
28:56 The Insane Steering
30:57 Driving the Cybertruck
35:43 World’s Largest Windshield Wiper
36:17 800V System
37:18 Range Extender
37:57 Final Thoughts   Read More Marques Brownlee 

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