New Android AI Robot With 54 Motors + 60 DoF Demos These Shocking Upgrades (NEODAVID HUMANOID)

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Robot Era demonstrates newest humanoid robot powered by perceptive reinforcement learning AI to walk the Great Wall of China and much more. Plus, the NeoDavid humanoid robot brings modularity to the market, and KLING from China releases the newest text to video AI model to challenge OpenAI’s SORA.

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AI news timestamps:
0:00 Intro XBot-L
0:33 Perceptive RL
1:06 XBot-L Specs
1:36 Proprioceptive Actuators
1:55 The Future
2:50 NeoDavid
3:11 Modular Advantages
4:30 DoF
5:17 KLING text-to-video

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