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​ Dive into the core of data security in this session – safeguarding your databases! We’ll showcase the latest features of Microsoft Defender for Cloud, emphasizing its ability to discover and protect sensitive data across multicloud environments.

Join us as we navigate the innovative data security dashboard, illustrating how it discovers and pinpoints risks to your sensitive data, monitors resources at risk over time, and offers insights into the types of sensitive data housed in your databases.

You’ll also gain firsthand experience of how active and potential threats are highlighted in the dashboard through security alerts and attack paths. We’ll delve into additional security context such as internet exposure, shadow IT, and more.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a holistic understanding of how Microsoft Defender for Cloud can help secure your most precious assets – your databases.

00:29 – Introduction
00:56 – Explaining Cloud Native Application Protection Program (CNAPP)
02:29 – Demo of the Data Security Features in Microsoft Defender for Cloud
04:15 – Practical Example with sample company “Contoso”
09:42 – Lateral Movement Attack demonstration
11:40 – Data query security
14:01 – Finding sensitive data
15:53 – Custom scans
16:59 – Exporting results
17:56 – Closing

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