new comer

This new comer on my family , the 12nd nephew.. so many right? 😛 she so cute, we call nia.. she second child from my second sister, the old one is girl also, and on level 5 at primary school, she so big and also clever, becouse she often on rank number 1, we proud it, and when i meet her always give new chalenge and motivate if get rank number 1 on her class i will give new bag or new shoes. of course i always motivated the other nephew if get rank number 1 i will give prize  🙂
maybe  this the way i motivate them, because the new world will passing by them is more complicated, new challenge on looking job, new challenge doing something better then before.
so congrats to my sister on new cute baby, we hope new baby will give happiness always 🙂

welcome the the world Nia 🙂

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