🟢 SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, Hybrid Testing, and Alternative DBs

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​ In this session we will explore the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model’s approach to database abstraction and hybrid testing. Hybrid testing allows you to test your application locally but still connect to remote cloud resources such as database services. CAP also has expanded their support for non-HANA databases, particularly the community delivered PostgreSQL. We will look at the current state of integration and usage of both SQLite and PostgreSQL. We will play around with the hana-cli and how it can be extended via CAP to also view and interact with these other database types.

https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/devtoberfest/sap-cloud-application-programming-model-hybrid-testing-and-alternative-dbs/ec-p/283121#M357   Read More SAP Developers 


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