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​ As a follow up to the popular session from @MichelleMoudy last year’s “How did I not see that?” We will have another great session for #FunFriday where the Developer Advocates come together to share stories of times where we were involved in a project, a go-live, a push to production, anything that really had an impact on others and we made a mistake and learned from that mistake.

It’s all part of growing and we want to have fun sharing what it is that made us who we are. Please join us in the chat and comment, ask questions and even share your own stories if you would like.

Riley Rainey, SAP
Rich Heilman, SAP
Thomas Jung, SAP
Kevin Riedelsheimer, SAP
DJ Adams, SAP
Nora von Thenen, SAP
Shilpa Shankar, SAP
Shrini Neelamegam, SAP
Hosted by: Josh Bentley, SAP   Read More SAP Developers 

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