🔴 Core XML standards for SAP Cloud Integration developers

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​ Even though Extensible Markup Language (XML) dates back to the 1990s, the technology still plays a huge role in the world of enterprise integration. In this session, you will learn about the core XML standards that every SAP Cloud Integration developer needs to have in their toolbox. You will get an introduction to each standard and learn how to apply it in your integration flows.

After the session, complete the following tutorial so you can earn points for the amazing Devtoberfest contest: https://developers.sap.com/tutorials/devtoberfest2023-week3-integration-xml-standards.html

🛝 You can find the slides for this session and all the Devtoberfest 2023 🔴 integration track sessions here – https://dam.sap.com/mac/app/p/assets/event/nKHg7EB?hierarchy=true&sort=Alphabetical

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