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​ SAP Build provides a way for all business users in your organization to help build the apps, processes, and sites they need. But how do you make sure everyone gets what they need to make their apps successful? And how do you make sure only the right people get access to the processes and data they are entitled to?

See the tools released (and expected to be released soon) that help you manage citizen development, for example, managing a Dev/Test/Prod landscape, securing processes and automations, securing destinations, and creating approval flows for apps/processes.

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After the session, complete the following tutorial so you can earn points to the amazing Devtoberfest contest: https://developers.sap.com/tutorials/devtoberfest2023-week4-lcnc-governance.html

For all the scoop on Devtoberfest, see https://developers.sap.com/devtoberfest.html.   Read More SAP Developers 

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